Protecting Life's Elements

Have you considered what may happen if an unexpected injury or illness someday prevents you from working? Being unable to perform your job duties could have a negative impact on your livelihood—potentially leaving you unable to make ends meet.

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But with ACS Group Disability Income Insurance on your side, you can remove worry from the equation. This plan will step in to help recuperate lost income, allowing you to keep meeting your financial obligations.

ACS Group Disability Income Insurance Plan Highlights

  • Replenishes up to 60% of your income per month if you experience a total disability
  • Choose to either receive disability benefits for two years, or receive them up to age 70
  • Option to have your monthly benefit amount keep pace with inflation
  • Portability, letting you keep your livelihood protected throughout career changes*

*As long as you pay premiums when due, maintain your ACS membership, and the Group Policy remains in force.

Disability Insurance Needs Calculator

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